Kidney investigators have accumulated many health datasets, including those describing clinical cohorts, clinical trials, clinical audit and clinical service evaluations. These constitute a valuable resource that could be shared with others to facilitate new and additional analyses.

The Kidney Research Data Portal (KRDP) has been established by the UK Renal Health Data Research Network to provide a simple platform that lists and describes the kidney datasets that others can request access to. KRDP enables principal investigators and their teams to submit metadata about their datasets to make them discoverable to other investigators. KDRP does not provide access to the data itself but does provide key contact information relating to available datasets.

Kidney investigators are therefore now invited and encouraged to use KRDP to provide core metadata describing their dataset(s) and make this visible from the KRDP platform.In the future, investigators will have the option to request that their datasets are also made visible from the national HDR UK Innovation Gateway. Similarly, investigators are invited explore the available datasets and to use the contacts listed to request access to data of interest.

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